Origami Frog Base: Step-by-Step Tutorial

The frog base is not an easy origami fold. It is one of the origami bases that require a lot of precision and accuracy in all steps. Failure to do so, especially early on will progressively make each step more challenging. However, it is still considered a base fold and is essential to master early … Read more

Origami Bird Base

The Bird Base is considered an essential base for many enthusiasts. It serves as the starting point for creating various bird and animal models. Origami Bird base instructions Before you learn to fold the Bird base, you will need to know how to make a preliminary base as it is the starting point. Step 1 Start with … Read more

Origami Square Base (Preliminary Base)

The Square Base, also known as the preliminary fold, is a starting point for other bases rather than specific models. The Bird Base and Frog Base start with a preliminary base. Step 1 Start with a square piece of origami paper. Step 2 Valley fold it in half diagonally, bringing all the corners together. Step … Read more

Origami Waterbomb Base

The Waterbomb base is a fundamental starting point and is known for its simplicity and elegance. It serves as the cornerstone for creating a wide range of origami designs, from animals to complex geometric shapes and of course, the Origami Waterbomb! Step 1 Start with a square sheet of origami paper and rotate it 45 … Read more

Easy Origami Fish Base: Step-by-step guide

The Fish Base serves as the starting point for a variety of origami fishes and other models including the traditional origami fish. An extremely easy technique, it is suited for any age. Here’s How To Fold The Origami Fish Base Requirements Step 1 Begin with a kite base, folded sides facing up. Step 2 Mountain fold … Read more

Origami Blintz Base (Blintz Fold)

Blintz is a Yiddish word for a very thin pancake that is folded over its filling (particularly cheese). It’s also known as the cushion fold, due to resembling a popular cushion making technique in Japan. The manner in which this pastry was folded, was by taking all corners and foldwd to the center. Gershon Legman … Read more

Sink Fold

tucking a flap to make an origami inside reverse fold

The Sink Fold is an advanced origami technique, it’s used for creating various intricate designs such as the Origami Dragon, Koi Fish and Turtle. This is a special move that should only be attempted once you have a good grasp of the simple moves such as the inside reverse fold. The Sink Fold is much … Read more

Swivel Fold

tucking a flap to make an origami inside reverse fold

The Swivel Fold is an Origami technique that allows you to rotate a section of paper, creating new orientations and angles. This fold is used for adding dynamism to your model. That’s the end of the squash fold tutorial. The next technique is the sink fold. If for some reason you skipped the previous technique, … Read more

crimp fold

crimp fold

The Crimp Fold is a must-know technique for adding a “3D” effect to your models. The Crimp Fold has two variations, the Outside Crimp Fold and the Inside Crimp Fold. The difference between the two is simply the inversion of Mountain/Valley folds. So that’s how you perform both the Inside and Outside Reverse Fold. The … Read more