Origami Bird Base

The Bird Base is considered an essential base for many enthusiasts. It serves as the starting point for creating various bird and animal models.

Origami Bird base instructions

Before you learn to fold the Bird base, you will need to know how to make a preliminary base as it is the starting point.

Step 1

purple origami preliminary base

Start with a Preliminary or Square base made out of a square sheet of Origami paper.

Step 2

purple origami preliminary base with upper side layers folded inward

Fold the lower left edge and lower right edge of the upper layer along the vertical crease, as though you are making a kite base.

Step 3

purple origami preliminary base with upper top layer folded down

Fold the upper left and right corners of the upper layer over the flaps created in Step 2. Make a firm crease.

Step 4

purple origami preliminary base with triangular creases

Unfold Steps 2 and 3.

Step 5

purple origami preliminary base being unfolded

We will now create a petal fold by using the crease from Step 3, lift the single upper layer and raise it upwards.

purple origami preliminary base being manipulated into a bird base

As you lift it up, the creases from Step 2 will fold the side corners inwards.

Step 6

purple origami being folded into a bird base

Push down the sides so that they are met with the vertical crease.

Step 7

purple origami bird base set on table

Repeat steps 2-6 on the other side to complete the Bird Base.

What can you make from an origami bird base?

  • Origami Dragon
  • Origami Crane
  • Origami Rose
  • Origami Swan