Easy Origami Fish Base: Step-by-step guide

The Fish Base serves as the starting point for a variety of origami fishes and other models including the traditional origami fish. An extremely easy technique, it is suited for any age.

Here’s How To Fold The Origami Fish Base


Step 1

pink kite base

Begin with a kite base, folded sides facing up.

Step 2

pink kite base folded in half

Mountain fold the model in half from bottom to top.

Step 3

reverse of pink kite base folded in half

Flip the paper over so that the opposite side is facing you as depicted above.

Step 4

fish base step 4

You will notice the paper is now in the shape of a pentagon with a vertical crease in the center and two flaps at the bottom left and right. Begin with one side, take the top edge and bring it in line with the vertical crease.

fish base step 5

When you do this, the right lower flap will push down and form a triangle. Flatten it and repeat with the other side.

Step 5

fish base step 6

Flatten the paper and you have a completed fish base.

Origami Models That Can Be Made With A Fish Base

  • Origami Fish
  • Boat
  • Some Flower models