Origami Mountain Fold(Reverse Fold)

The Mountain (also known as the reverse fold) is the second fundamental Origami fold. It is the complete opposite of the Valley fold. What makes it different is that you fold the paper outwards, creating a “M” or mountain-like crease. Mountain folds are represented by dots “••••••••” on Origami diagrams.

Step-By-Step On How To Make A Mountain Fold In Origami

  1. Start with a square sheet.
    a square sheet of green origami paper
  2. Use your fingers and thumbs to hold the ends of the crease you intend to make.
    fingers and thumbs being used to create an arbitrary point in preparation for a mountain fold.
  3. Fold the paper behind, while pinching in the fold.
    an origami sheet being folded from behind forming a mountain fold
  4. Smooth out the crease.
    a mountain fold being creased on a square origami sheet
  5. The completed Mountain fold.
    a origami sheet with a mountain fold

Congratulations! You have now completed the two most basic Origami folds. Next up, is the often overlooked yet fundamental creasing and dividing techniques.