outside reverse fold

The Outside Reverse fold is a technique used in many Origami models to give them the 3D look.

The outside reverse fold is the inverse of the Folding a Point Inside Reverse fold.

  1. Start with a Kite base.
    origami kite base, green paper
  2. Fold the kite in half along the center crease, then rotate 90 counterclockwise.
    origami kite base, folded in half
  3. Make a valley fold, by folding the point so that it now faces downwards.
    folding a point using origami valley fold
  4. Unfold step 3.
  5. Slightly unfold the kite.
  6. You will notice you have three creases. A mountain fold from Step 2, a mountain fold from Step 3, and a valley fold from Step 3.
    Origami kite base slightly unfolded
    Turn the valley fold from Step 3 into a mountain fold.
    This will leave you with two mountain folds on the inside.
  7. Now push the spine created from Step 2, until it’s flat.
    origami inside reverse-fold in the making
  8. Fold the two corners against the paper and flatten.
    origami outside reverse fold

And that’s an example of the outside reverse fold. The next fold to master is the Rabbit ear fold.