Sink Fold

The Sink Fold is an advanced origami technique, it’s used for creating various intricate designs such as the Origami Dragon, Koi Fish and Turtle. This is a special move that should only be attempted once you have a good grasp of the simple moves such as the inside reverse fold.

  1. Start with a waterbomb base.
  2. Fold the top corner down to any arbitrary point.
    wb 3
  3. Unfold Step 2.
  4. Unfold the waterbomb base slightly.
    wb 4
  5. Look for the small square that was created by the crease in Step 2. It passes through all layers of the paper, pinch crease all the valley fold creases as mountain folds.
    wb 6
  6. Push the square inwards and collapse the waterbomb.
    wb 7
  7. Final waterbomb base.
    waterbomb base

The Sink Fold is much more intricate than the swivel fold. This is the last of the special moves in Origami.