Origami Square Base (Preliminary Base)

The Square Base, also known as the preliminary fold, is a starting point for other bases rather than specific models. The Bird Base and Frog Base start with a preliminary base.

Step 1

square blue origami paper

Start with a square piece of origami paper.

Step 2

square blue origami paper, folded in half diagonally

Valley fold it in half diagonally, bringing all the corners together.

Step 3

square blue origami paper, folded in half diagonally

Unfold and Repeat Step 2 on the other side.

Step 4

square blue origami paper, folded in half horizontally

Valley fold in half horizontally and unfold.

Step 5

blue origami square base

Flip the sheet over and press the center point. The Valley folds will now become mountain folds.

Step 6

blue origami square base

Rotate the square so that the horizontal crease is vertical.

Step 7

blue origami square base

Valley fold the model in half from bottom to top, creating a new horizontal crease.

Step 8

blue origami square base

Hold the model upright and squash fold the two corners together.

Step 9

blue origami square base

Lay down the model and flatten it. And that’s the Square base.

Models That Use the Square base

  • Traditional crane
  • Frog
  • Dragon
  • Butterfly