squash fold

The Squash Fold is the backbone of countless Origami models. Unlike the previous origami techniques with straight and crisp folds, the squash fold involves subtle manipulation.

The squash fold is a flap that is squashed down into a new position.

  1. Start with a square paper.
    yellow square origami sheet
  2. Fold in half diagonally.
    yellow origami sheet, folded diagonally in half
  3. Fold in half again.
    squash 3
  4. Raise the top flap so that it is facing vertically to the center crease.
    origami squash fold with raised flap
  5. Separate the flap from Step 4.
    squash 5
  6. Now push the spine crease down, in line with the center crease.
    squash 5
  7. Flatten the paper.
    squash 6

That concludes the squash fold. If you have not learned the previous fold, you can view the Rabbit Fold here. Or you can skip and go on to the next technique, the Crimp Fold.