The Valley Fold Origami Tutorial

A Valley fold is one of the fundamental Origami techniques. Essentially, it is a folding of paper inwards, creating a V or a valley-like crease. They are often used to create foundational creases and are essential in the folding process. Valley folds are represented by dashes “- – – – – – -” on Origami diagrams.

Step-by-step on how to Make a valley fold in origami

  1. Start with a square sheet.
    a square sheet of origami paper lying on a  table
  2. Rotate the sheet so the side you want to fold is facing you.
  3. Imagine an arbitrary point.
  4. Fold the lower edge of the paper upwards meeting the imaginary point in step 3.
    origami sheet being folded into a a valley fold
  5. Smooth out the crease so that the crease bends the paper upwards.
    a valley fold crease being made on a square sheet of origami paper
  6. Completed Valley Fold
    an origami sheet with a completed  valley fold

And that’s the end of this tutorial. The next basic fold you should master is the Mountain fold.