rabbit ear fold

rabbit ear

The Rabbit ear fold gets its name from its appearance, resembling a rabbit’s ear. It is a triangular flap that is perpendicular to the rest of the model. As with most basic techniques, it is a crucial fold used in various models. Step-by-step Rabbit Ear Fold Instructions That’s all folks. The next fold to learn … Read more

outside reverse fold

thumbnail outside reverse fold

The Outside Reverse fold is a technique used in many Origami models to give them the 3D look. The outside reverse fold is the inverse of the Folding a Point Inside Reverse fold. And that’s an example of the outside reverse fold. The next fold to master is the Rabbit ear fold.

Origami inside-reverse fold Tutorial (Step-by-Step)

thumbnail inside reverse fold

The inside reverse fold is a crucial Origami technique that allows for the final shaping and detailing of a model. By reversing a fold and concealing it within a structure, it allows you to make a more realistic 3D model. There are two methods to the inside-reverse fold. Tucking a flap and Folding a point. … Read more

creasing and dividing

thumbnail precreases

The next lesson in your Origami journey is to learn the different types of creases. By now you should have mastered the Mountain fold and Valley fold. Creasing and dividing is pretty straightforward and you will use these techniques almost as frequently as the two basic folds. Pre-Creases When you need to make a fold … Read more

Origami Mountain Fold(Reverse Fold)

an origami sheet being folded from behind forming a mountain fold

The Mountain (also known as the reverse fold) is the second fundamental Origami fold. It is the complete opposite of the Valley fold. What makes it different is that you fold the paper outwards, creating a “M” or mountain-like crease. Mountain folds are represented by dots “••••••••” on Origami diagrams. Step-By-Step On How To Make … Read more

The History of origami and paper folding

history of origami and paper folding

For over 2000 years origami has been a source of interest and enjoyment for both adults and kids. The history of Origami is rooted in the Han dynasty in China. The craft has journeyed across time and cultures, eventually finding its home in Japan. The advent of paper democratized writing. This led to making paper … Read more